Use of resources

JGLTA is consisted of members who are familiar with LGBTQ, design literacy, consulting, and advertising. We suggest various plans based on the accumulated data.

“The views of the person concerned” and “Specialization”

Our association helps solve problems such as “We would like to create services for LGBTQ demands”, “We would like to revitalize the local areas”, “We would like to deal with LGBTQ from abroad”, “What else could we do to advertise our services effectively?”, or “We are not sure what and how exactly we should do”.

We look forward to see suggestions, requests, consultations of new services, or reviews of existing services from organizations, which do regional revitalization, or members. 

We also provide opportunities with members to inform ordinary people of activities that members do on our association’s media. Let us know if you would like to advertise your events or any contents. 

For those who are interested in planning for foreign visitors, we can translate professionally, and can create illustrations and advertisement. Contact us individually if you are interested.

#Suggesting better plans of existing events and plans
#Planning new events and plans
#Corresponding to foreign visitors by making foreign menus or having guides
#Inventing products together
#Sending new trends