Traveling and sightseeing will be unforgettable and fun memories.
a Gay Lesbian Travel Association -JGLTA- was founded in order to make traveling and sightseeing more convenient and fun for LGBTQ.

To accomplish the goals.

We would like to deliver the heart of the Japanese hospitality, which may be known as “Omotenashi”, to everyone.

It is hard to keep looking at the same direction for both a provider and a user, which is not necessarily unique to approaches to sexual minorities. JGLTA will support you in order to provide grateful services with the heart of “Omotenashi”, which has been inherited to Japanese people’s mind

About the follow-up.

You might feel something awkward when you hear the word “follow-up for LGBTQ”, but we consider this idea as offering a meticulous service such as saying “Welcome to ~” or “Thank you for ~” to every guest. 

JGLTA is looking forward to improve our services and profits by providing information and giving advices or suggestions that are useful for our members, and we hope those will contribute to user’s satisfaction.

Membership service

Services for members.

We will provide members with opportunities to improve their benefits through many activities. Through these activities, we will help to build a scheme that gives benefits for both providers and users.

Service contents

Introduction of symbolic marks

We prepared symbolic marks to make it easier for users to find out LGBTQ friendly shops or services. You will be able to see them when you register the membership. These symbolic marks will help increase the options for LGBTQ users, and know the brand images. Please use this as one of the ways help to give a sense of safety and loyalty for LGBTQ users inside and outside the country.

Further information

Publication to cooperated websites

If you get a basic membership, you can put information on the affiliated websites for LGBTQ and inbound tourists. We will provide you with opportunities that your information will be seen by more people. You can advertise your shops or events on the websites that are thought to have many innovators and early adopters. You can also appeal on the websites that are collecting information of what you should do, which shops you should go, which events you can attend while your stay in Japan.

Further information

LGBTQ researches

You can find tips to establish and improve your services by understanding needs and wants of LGBTQ through various questionnaires. You will be able to develop your business by comprehending what visitors want to do, where they have been to, and what they have dissatisfied. In addition, we will collect world’s trends, and do research on LGBTQ market, what’s going on around the world, and what Japan should do to deal with the globalized world in order to send information of them.

Further information

Usage of resources

We can help to suggest or plan for various purposes by using our resources, and can also advise from various aspects as one of the LGBTQs. We can also counsel any organization or company if you are thinking to promote a regional development, if you desire to make a new service, or if you are not satisfied with existing services. In addition, it is also possible to send out the contents that the members want to announce and the announcement of the events on our homepage. Using JGLTA’s network, you can appeal to various areas by advertising various event plans. Please use it to establish your brand image in the future.

Further information

Holding lectures and business trainings

If you become a member, you can attend lectures or business trainings with membership prices. We will invite lecturers from various industries in order for you to find meaningful opinions or insights for your business future, and we hope you to feel it is better to think not alone nor only in the company.

Further information

Business matchings

We will provide you with opportunities to find your business partners or time to communicate with each other. We will help you to attempt many plans that might not be succeeded by alone. These business matchings are aimed to make various scenes that does not only focusing on places.

Further information


Thank you for having interest on our questionnaire page. This questionnaire is executed as one of the researches of traveling and sightseeing by JGLTA. We will use your valuable opinions to improve our researches, and will be used to experiences better traveling and sightseeing.

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