Attend lectures and business trainings

JGLTA plans lectures and business trainings related to LGBTQ. You will be able to find valuable information learning from LGBTQ’s perspectives.

From “Something far away” to “Something close”

We will prepare opportunities for you to understand “real voices of LGBTQ”, “what other corporations deal with them”, “successful and unsuccessful cases of other corporations”, and “what you should do when…” through lectures and business trainings. Lecturers will answer your questions from LGBTQ perspectives.
By delivering voices of general public and LGBTQ to all members, they will be able to notice something new as service providers. The purpose of these lectures and business trainings is not only the chance to find tips for your business but also the chance to support building a system that LGBTQ can more participate in the company.
Those will help to improve the qualities of services that we provide.
You will be able to attend those lectures and business trainings for membership fee when you become a member. 

#Point trends and countermeasures in each industry
#Business tips from successes and failures
#Case Study