Traveling and sightseeing are special time since you are released from your busy days, and we want you to have the funniest experiences.

To aim the pursuit of the richer society

Our association was established to pursue the benefit of both a provider and a user by cooperating with many companies, organizations, and public institutions in order for sexual minorities; Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and Queers to have better and more comfortable trip. Achieving diversity and comprehensiveness is a principle to aim at the better society. It is also a theme that we have to solve, and we can say the same thing for traveling and sightseeing as well.

Our hope

The vision that we think important is “Always do our best to improve benefit for both a service provider and a user as keeping social ethics”.
People are released from busy daily lives when they are on vacation, and traveling and sightseeing mean a lot. We are aiming that both a service provide and a user can get benefits.

Making use of attractiveness of the market

Recently, LGBTQ market is growing especially in North America, and it is said that its market sizes are 77 trillion JP-yen in the U.S., 33 trillion JP-yen in China, and 7 trillion JP-yen in the U.K.

The market seems to be growing in Japan as well. The number of the data is increasing as it is proving the growth of the market size. According to one of the resources, the size of LGBTQ market is almost 6 trillion JP-yen. There has not been serious discrimination for LGBTQ in Japan very much, nor people necessarily say “I am a LGBTQ!” when they buy something at shops. It seems impossible to consider one’s relationship with the other from their appearance. Therefore, this “6 trillion market size” could be bigger than that. 

What we long to do is “visualize” LGBTQ customers or have staff to realize that there must be LGBTQ customers even if you cannot tell from their appearance or behavior. Recently, more than 30 million people are coming to Japan, and of course, there are LGBTQs. Some of the countries or areas where visitors come from only allow certain sexual orientations. We especially want them to feel comfortable to stay in Japan, and be act as they are. Users’ happiness and satisfaction will rise if we can provide them with great services.

We believe that this market will be growing even bigger by fostering LGBTQ users through these activities in many scenes. We must grasp the needs and wants in order to achieve that, and approaches from both push and pull will be the keys.  

There are possibilities that any markets can grow by settling new segments even if they once already seemed to have grown. From these reasons, LGBTQ market seems quite attractive.

Missions of JGLTA

LGBTQ in Japan and that from other countries can have fun with everyone

LGBTQ in Japan and that from other countries can have fun together

Aiming at international communications regardless of the races, languages, and sex

For both a provider and a user can get benefits