We will provide members with opportunities to improve their benefits through many activities. Through these activities, we will help to build a scheme that gives benefits for both providers and users.

Service contents

Introduction of symbolic marks

We prepared symbolic marks to make it easier for users to find out LGBTQ+ friendly shops or services. You will be able to see them when you register the membership. These symbolic marks will help increase the options for LGBTQ+ users, and know the brand images. Please use this as one of the ways help to give a sense of safety and loyalty for LGBTQ+ users inside and outside the country.

From "Something you don’t know" to "Something you knew"

Signboards or names of the shops or faculties are important because they imply what they are or what they serve. However, those signboards or names cannot describe everything. That is why we suggest the introduction of symbolic marks for users. 
Our associations symbolic mark shows visual effectiveness for LGBTQ+ people, and that includes the positive message for them to feel free to visit. It is one of the strengths of us to differentiate from other shops. You can easily understand service providers positive attitudes for LGBTQ+.

Publication to cooperated websites

If you get a basic membership, you can put information on the affiliated websites for LGBTQ+ and inbound tourists. We will provide you with opportunities that your information will be seen by more people. You can advertise your shops or events on the websites that are thought to have many innovators and early adopters. You can also appeal on the websites that are collecting information of what you should do, which shops you should go, which events you can attend while your stay in Japan.

From "Something you knew" to "Something you want to go"

You can post members information to the affiliated information website. The strength of this website is the main target is LGBTQ+, and not only for domestic users but also for foreign users or visitors can access to information. 
Members also can post information with the symbolic mark for free in the affiliated information website. That information will be shown first, which means that they will not be drawn in the sea of information, and all users can easily find them. Users can soon be getting information of JGLTA’s members when they are looking for various facilities and shops, so the difference from other websites is very obvious. You can easily understand “What are they?” at a glance, which contribute to utilization.

LGBTQ+ researches

You can find tips to establish and improve your services by understanding needs and wants of LGBTQ+ through various questionnaires. You will be able to develop your business by comprehending what visitors want to do, where they have been to, and what they have dissatisfied. In addition, we will collect world’s trends, and do research on LGBTQ+ market, what’s going on around the world, and what Japan should do to deal with the globalized world in order to send information of them.

From "Something you are interested in" to "Something you are attracted to"

Many corporations are always collecting data and information, but they time they can do that is limited due to the busyness. Our association is collecting those “tiny” information that ordinary company usually cannot collect, and suggest them to members.
Members can grasp LGBTQ+’s needs and wants from information that we collect and questionnaires that we implement.
In addition, our association will implement questionnaire for you. Members can cut the costs and pursuit the speed because we can carry out qualitative and quantitative research from our direct connections to LGBTQ+.

Usage of resources

We can help to suggest or plan for various purposes by using our resources, and can also advise from various aspects as one of the LGBTQ+s. We can also counsel any organization or company if you are thinking to promote a regional development, if you desire to make a new service, or if you are not satisfied with existing services. In addition, it is also possible to send out the contents that the members want to announce and the announcement of the events on our homepage. Using JGLTA’s network, you can appeal to various areas by advertising various event plans. Please use it to establish your brand image in the future.

"The views of the person concerned" and "Specialization"

Our association helps solve problems such as “We would like to create services for LGBTQ demands”, “We would like to revitalize the local areas”, “We would like to deal with LGBTQ from abroad”, “What else could we do to advertise our services effectively?”, or “We are not sure what and how exactly we should do”.

We look forward to see suggestions, requests, consultations of new services, or reviews of existing services from organizations, which do regional revitalization, or members. 
We also provide opportunities with members to inform ordinary people of activities that members do on our association’s media. Let us know if you would like to advertise your events or any contents.
For those who are interested in planning for foreign visitors, we can translate professionally, and can create illustrations and advertisement. Contact us individually if you are interested. 

Holding lectures and business trainings

If you become a member, you can attend lectures or business trainings with membership prices. We will invite lecturers from various industries in order for you to find meaningful opinions or insights for your business future, and we hope you to feel it is better to think not alone nor only in the company.

From "Something far away" to "Something close"

We will prepare opportunities for you to understand “real voices of LGBTQ”, “what other corporations deal with them”, “successful and unsuccessful cases of other corporations”, and “what you should do when…” through lectures and business trainings. Lecturers will answer your questions from LGBTQ perspectives.
By delivering voices of general public and LGBTQ to all members, they will be able to notice something new as service providers. The purpose of these lectures and business trainings is not only the chance to find tips for your business but also the chance to support building a system that LGBTQ can more participate in the company.
Those will help to improve the qualities of services that we provide.
You will be able to attend those lectures and business trainings for membership fee when you become a member. 

Business matchings

We will provide you with opportunities to find your business partners or time to communicate with each other. We will help you to attempt many plans that might not be succeeded by alone. These business matchings are aimed to make various scenes that does not only focusing on places.

From "Scattered pieces" to "A picture"

Our association is going to build a system to connect members who are interested in “other members attempts”, “utilizing that member’s resource”, “working together for a bigger purpose”, and “working a joint enterprise”.
We provide members with opportunities to communicate with other members, and we will support many attempts that will be completed by collaborating. By working together, you can reduce costs, get new customers, expand its methods, contribute to stimulate its brands, and many other merits. Our association can advertise what you would like to announce about cooperation to members in the exclusive page. We will make efforts for you to be able to utilize business matching in various scenes.