Policy on the protection of personal information

We set the following as a basic policy on the protection of personal information.

Policy on the protection of personal information

We, Japan Gay Lesbian Travel Association respect and protect privacy of users, persons concerned, and employees, and we all understand the importance of privacy protection. Our association observes the laws and other social rules, and we implement the following for our members to use and purchase our products and services comfortably.

  1. We will clarify the purpose of personal information usage, and we will take steps to prevent anyone from using them without appropriate purpose.
  2. We will take an appropriate and legal way when we obtain personal information.
  3. We will take steps to keep the personal information newest and accurate, and not to lose, leak, or let out the personal information.
  4. We will appoint the chief manager of personal information administration, and appoint the person in charge by every section of managing personal information.
  5. We will disclose and correct personal information only to the person concerned within appropriate JGLTA’s procedures.
  6. We will follow laws of personal information, business rules, and social rules to ensure the privacy protection.
  7. We will improve the system and procedure of receiving and respond, and promptly respond to inquiry or complaint to personal information that JGLTA owns.
  8. We will establish a management system of personal information protection, and we will carry out continuous review and improve by regular inspections.

Japan Gay Lesbian Travel Association
Representative Director
Fumito Miyauchi

Privacy policy

Our association very carefully manages and respects personal information of people who will use our service.

Purposes of using personal information

Our association uses personal information of users only with the purposes written below, and. we do NOT use personal information of users without any purposes. 

  1. To certify users’ memberships, and to provide our services.
  2. To supply the news and information of our services.
  3. To respond to inquiries about our service including business inquiries.
  4. To check contents of users’ posts.
  5. To supply and show advertisements based on users’ histories and information.
  6. To store a temporary backup when we conduct our service.
  7. To send direct mails and emails including mail magazines of our products and services to users.
  8. To conduct campaigns and questionnaire.
  9. To receive application of our campaigns, to send gifts and to contact those who won a prize.
  10. To conduct a monitor, to interview, to make contact, to ask help to users.
  11. To customize information that will be given to users.
  12. To make contact to users as in the case of responding to users’ inquiries.
  13. To conduct a marketing research such as users’ trend.
  14. To give points to users.
  15. Including other purposes not only above but articles that users agreed.

Offering personal information to the third party

JGLTA does not give any personal information to the third party without users’ agreement as a rule. We give personal information only when users agree with it after specifying a receiver and information that we will provide. However, we may offer personal information without the users’ agreement within the related laws and regulations in the cases below.

  1. When we rationally considered users’ action; such as commercial reservation, purchase, inquiries, material requests, other requests, multiple requests, the transfer of rights, and falsehood information registration, suffers third party’s loss.
  2. When we considered it is difficult to get users’ agreements for improving public health or promoting children’s proper education.
  3. When we considered there might be a risk of accomplishing the task if we get the users’ agreement in the case of cooperating with an institution of the country, a local public body, or an entrust person.
  4. When we demanded to disclose personal information by a court, the Public Prosecutors Court, police, or institution with authority.
  5. When we requested to disclose or provide personal information expressly by users to a third party.
  6. When it is allowed to disclose or provide personal information by the laws.
  7. When we provide personal information because of amalgamation or other reasons, and when personal information is treated within the original privacy policy.

Exemption clause of providing personal information to the third party

Our association does not take any responsibility about obtainment of personal information by a third party.

  1. When the users themselves reserve, purchase, inquire, and request for information materials, and clarify their personal information to the business partners or corporations, which provide printed establishment and related services.
  2. When the users themselves clarify their personal information using our service’s function or other ways to a third party.
  3. When unexpectedly someone specified individuals from the information that the users have input.
  4. When personal information is provided by the users on an outside website, which is linked to our service, and used by someone. 
  5. When other person got personal information (ex. ID or password) of users.

Utilizing and acquiring attribute information and action history

We use “Cookie” in order to protect users’ privacy, to improve convenience, to supply news advertisement, and to obtain statistics data. Also, we use technologies such as “Cookie” and “JavaScript”, and may obtain users’ activity data, and attribute information, which we cannot specify an individual (even if some information is combined). In addition, those “Cookie” and activity data (ex. URL, contents, order of reference) do not include personal information at all. Moreover, we may provide and show advertisement after specifying individuals only when users logged in and used our service.

1. About “Cookie”

“Cookie” is a system that store history or input content in your computer as a file when you use web pages. When you access the same page, owner can alter the display by users. If users let the web settings transmit and receive “Cookie”, website can obtain “Cookie” from users’ website. Moreover, users’ browser only transmits “Cookie” because of privacy protection.

2. About “Cookie” usage

“Recruit” uses “Cookie” to protect users’ privacy, to improve convenience, to supply advertisement, and to obtain statistics data. Moreover, we supply advertisement based on an outsourcer. In order to do that, we may keep “Cookie” and refer it based on a third party’s consignment.
In addition, “Recruit” uses technologies such as “Cookie” and “JavaScript”, and may obtain users’ activity data, and attribute information, which we cannot specify an individual (even if some information are combined). Those “Cookie” and activity data (ex. URL, contents, order of reference) do not include personal information at all.

3. About “Cookie” deletion

All the users can choose from “Always allow to use Cookie”, “Always deny to use Cookie”, and “Notify users when received Cookie”. Please check your browsers “help” menu to set because settings depend on browsers. If you deny all “Cookie”, you will not be able to use some service that needs certification.
In addition, our service uses action targeting advertisement service to supply appropriate advertisement for users. Our service uses “Cookie” in order only to improve users’ convenience and to supply advertisement, so we do not use “Cookie” to collect personal information or other purposes. If you want to invalidate “Cookie”, access to your website, and follow the steps you need to take (you may not use those functions from your cell phones).

About acquisition of access logs

We may obtain users access logs to improve convenience, and to make statistics data. Without legal request, we do not disclose your access logs to third parties. In case of denial of transmit, you might not be able to use our service normally.

Direction of information processing consignment

We consigns a part or all business, so we may disclose users’ personal information to them within the laws and guidelines. However, we will appropriately direct outsourcers to safely manage, to report and take responsibility when accidents occur, and to reconsign. In addition, those outsourcers will owe duties by contract with our association.

Governing laws

About laws on our service and other policies are interpreted and adapted by Japanese laws and Tokyo metropolitan regulations.

Alternation of privacy policy

JGLTA can alter privacy policy at any time except the case of there are laws or regulations.

Chief administrator of personal information

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