Terms of Use

This term of Use is defined by Japan Gay Lesbian Travel Association about our service on the website. People who will use our service can use our service only if you agree to and accept the user policy without limitation and reservation.

  1. All the information that our service provide is protected by the laws such as copy right. Without JGLTA’s permission, you are prohibited to copy, to reprint, to translate.  
  2. All the information that our service provide may slightly change because of these reasons; the time passes after the information was posted, the subjective opinion of interviewer, and so on. Therefore, users must understand that JGLTA cannot guarantee the accuracy and fairness of information. Also, the information that was cited, or linked is out of our responsibility. 
  3. Our service may be suspended because of maintenance, and so on. We may also alter or abolish all or part of our service. 
  4. Please understand no.3 that was mentioned above may be done suddenly. 
  5. This user policy may be changed without notice. In that case, we will announce it on our service. If you start using our service after the user policy has changed, you are deemed to be agreed the modification. 
  6. We are not responsible for any trouble that was occurred because of articles above. 
  7. We consider the Japanese law is the proper law on this user policy. 
  8. We consider the competent court is the exclusive agreeable aegis if any conflicts occurs caused by our service.