Our association is consisted of members who are mainly in charge of traveling and sightseeing industry and restaurant business.

From “Scattered pieces” to “A picture”

Our association is going to build a system to connect members who are interested in “other members attempts”, “utilizing that member’s resource”, “working together for a bigger purpose”, and “working a joint enterprise”.
We provide members with opportunities to communicate with other members, and we will support many attempts that will be completed by collaborating. By working together, you can reduce costs, get new customers, expand its methods, contribute to stimulate its brands, and many other merits. Our association can advertise what you would like to announce about cooperation to members in the exclusive page. We will make efforts for you to be able to utilize business matching in various scenes.

#Suggestions and intermediation of business matchings
#Strengthen the attractiveness by fostering communications
#Creating new business

Service List

Introduction of symbolic marks

Publication to cooperated websites

LGBTQ researches

Use of resources

Attend lectures and business trainings

Business matchings