To accomplish the goals.

We would like to deliver the heart of the Japanese hospitality, which may be known as “Omotenashi”, to everyone.

It is hard to keep looking at the same direction for both a provider and a user, which is not necessarily unique to approaches to sexual minorities. JGLTA will support you in order to provide grateful services with the heart of “Omotenashi”, which has been inherited to Japanese people’s mind.

About the follow-up.

You might feel something awkward when you hear the word “follow-up for LGBTQ”, but we consider this idea as offering a meticulous service such as saying “Welcome to ~” or “Thank you for ~” to every guest. JGLTA is looking forward to improve our services and profits by providing information and giving advices or suggestions that are useful for our members, and we hope those will contribute to user’s satisfaction.

Environment surrounding LGBTQ.

LGBTQ total population ratio (%)
LGBTQ out of 10​
100 million (total population)​
10 million (Japan)​

LGBTQ estimated market size: Japan 6 trillion yen / world over 100 trillion yen.

Fields where LGBTQ is active.

Active in all fields, including creative industries.
It overwhelms many markets and cultures.